Hello world!

So, after much alteration, I have finally decided to blog.

What have I let myself in for? You’re going to want to be entertained with something light-hearted and funny to read whilst also interesting and recent.

As I am a student, and one who works full-time, I hope to comment on the Law and it’s changes from both perspectives with a bit of a twist.  Maybe even make you laugh with some funny anecdotes about the trials and tribulations of me trying to juggle studying in the evening, working through the day and keeping fit – let alone fitting in some social time.

I remember once saying to my partner that I wanted to be a clown, to which he responded that I didn’t as I wanted to be a Lawyer, I looked at him blankly and said, “Yes – A Legal Clown“. I guess I need to practice this juggling malarky a bit more as I keep seeming to drop the ball on one thing or another.

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Ok, Ok, I lied,I don’t seem to have a social life anymore, and I haven’t been to the Gym in months.

See what I mean, now I’m just juggling the two balls and after my last exam on the 14th it will be one ball, and that isn’t exactly juggling is it, that’s just playing catch.

Aim for this week – Must get back to the gym (after my exams finish obviously…oh and then I’m moving house so definitely after that…oh but then It’s my birthday…)




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