Donate your Bras

Ladies, this is a plea for you to make a difference and help raise money and awareness for such a worthwhile cause; Breakthrough Breast Cancer


My friend, Rhian Jones, amongst others, is taking part in a 10 mile walk in September to raise money and awareness for this charity. The ladies taking part will be wearing their bras over their clothes, designed to be sparkly, blingful and crazy to stand out.


Last year, Bras for Boobs (based in the Bangor area) raised over £8,000 for the charity and this year they aim to raise over £10,000. But they need your help?

They would love for donations of your bras which you don’t wear any more, not only to wear on the day but to decorate a carnival float.

On 9th June, they will have a carnival float in the Bagnor Carnival, which will be decorated in bras.

This is a plea to all you ladies to donate your bras, it doesn’t matter what size or colour they are, I for one will be donating some as it is such a great cause!

                                   (Photo from last years walk – Bras for boobs)

Here are some videos of the carnival from last year –

To donate then drop me a message on twitter, a comment on here asking how and I will email you details of where to send your bras too!

As the carnival is 9th June, I do need to send Rhian the bras before 1st June so they have time to decorate their float for the carnival!




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