Caffeine injection…

Well, that time has come again, and I am preparing for a resit of Tort on Tuesday morning.

When I got my results 4 weeks ago, I had planned to start revising a little bit each day to put me in good stead for Tuesday. Starting a new job a few weeks ago, I found myself being the only person with access to lexisnexis, Westlaw and other Legal Resources, so I was quickly asked to conduct research on various topics and create and firm up our legal arguments.

Anyone, who has carried out research will know that reading one thing leads into reading ten other things, be it case law, statues, articles or OFT or Law Commission reports and Guidance Notes. Don’t get me wrong – I love it. I’ve spent the last 3 – 4 weeks reading interesting cases and learning a lot about how the law works and how it is all intertwined. But after spending 7 hours a day reading, it was the last thing on my mind when I came home, instead I found solace in True Blood’s back catalogue of seasons 1 – 4, now that has ran out and season 5 is currently being aired in the US and not in the UK, I’ve found myself, once again, with 4 days before the exam and nothing to distract me.

The last week, I have been off work sick due to being in an accident whilst on a night out with work colleagues, I mean what are the odds of that – 5 lawyers in one car? Probably the worst group of people you could crash into. After taking the Doctor’s orders of not being able to drive and to rest due to injuring my ribs and having sever whiplash I have spent this week switching from a drug induced sleep and working from home with little bits of revision. I still feel nowhere near prepared. Although, I could tell you all about Bare Trusts, The Consumer Credit Act and Repossession – sadly, I don’t think this will help me in a Tort examination and as I got a 2:1 in Contract, I doubt it will be of any help whatsoever.

Tomorrow, I plan on spending all day at the library, with Saturday, Sunday and Monday in a similar situation or being holed up in my own office. I know it’s nearly time for my exam due to the amount of caffeinated drinks which found their way into my shopping trolley at Tesco’s earlier, currently now chilling in my refrigerator.

16 cans of Diet coke – well now 14, together with an 8 can combination of Relentless and No Fear.

I can confirm that there is something of substance in my fridge, including fruit and veg mainly. So I do not plan on completely overdosing myself on caffeine over the next few days. I wouldn’t usually condone this much caffeine, but the painkillers I am taking result in me being asleep within an hour of taking them and I need to stay awake. If I don’t pass this exam then I won’t be going forward to next year. It’s my own fault really.

Following on from my previous blog entitles “Exam Stress”, where I said that I worked better working to a tight deadline and last minute, and that I hadn’t done that much revision for Tort as I had made an executive decision to watch City play their last game of the season, stealing the title from United within 13 seconds of them having it…Well I take it all back. I have learnt from my mistake, but at least this time there are no city games to distract me (Are there? Please tell me there isn’t, I know Liverpool and Everton have played this week…) so hopefully I can pass this exam.

Setting down to revise, I realised that after I broke my laptop before Christmas (the night before my Contract Coursework deadline, luckily I had hand-written it as a first draft so was able to compile something again in time), I found myself with no notes on negligence.  This has meant I have to up my ante more than I thought, luckily a fellow student has helped me out and emailed me their notes to replace my own.

If anyone needs me between now and Tuesday Lunchtime, I will be hiding in the library or holed up at home, with both my phones turned off, bouncing off the walls from major caffeine injection with a pile of banana peels at my side for sustenance and more energy.

Maybe even Sunday morning I will be at church praying for a miracle.

Wish me luck guys…

Radio Silence for now.




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