Why Cheat?

I don’t understand why someone would cheat anyway, they’re more than likely going to get caught, especially with programmes such as turnitin now available, although I agree this can and does give off the wrong message to students.
I, pay for my own fees, whilst working full-time, I wouldn’t risk all that hard work and hard-earned money for a “quick fix” and cheat. Even full-time students, eventually have to pay back the fees, so why would they cheat?


It’s like my mum said to me, when I was 10 years old, preparing for and awaiting to sit the 11+ examination, which I didn’t want to do as I didn’t wish to go to the Grammar School – I didn’t think I was clever enough to do it, purely based on lack of discipline throughout all my education and never thinking I was good enough, when I asked for a tutor, and I wasn’t allowed one, one the basis;

“why get you a tutor to pass the exam, which then you would always continue to struggle, and would therefore continually need extra help/tutoring”.

It’s right though, and the same sort of principle with cheating. A person who cheats on their exams and finishes with high grades, will continue to struggle throughout. I do law, I wouldn’t cheat my way through my course, get a 1st, have the ultimate job in one of the best firms but not actually understand any of it, and then not be able to perform my role competently. You would soon be found out. Why bother?


As it turned out, my mum was right, I didn’t need a tutor, and I managed to pass the 11+ (even if it was only by two marks) and managed okay through the grammar school – I’m not saying I was the most intelligent and got good grades all the time, as I didn’t as I was one of the “naughty kids”, but when I applied myself I did well.


I guess that’s a lesson I learnt early on in life, and will always follow it.

What's Not Wrong?

Academic cheating is not my favorite topic to think, talk, or write about. Too negative. But when cheating surfaces in our schools and classrooms, we’re better off if we know how to approach it and respond.

This blog post was jump-started by a Chicago Tribune article today that quoted my distaste for sites like Turnitin.com, so I’ll begin there. I’m not a big believer in Turnitin.com – a subscription web site that some schools use to prevent plagiarism. Schools that use Turnitin.com require students to upload their work to the site before submitting it to the teacher with a “receipt” indicating that it has cleared Turnitin.com’s plagiarism detectors.

Why should we base our schools’ cheating policies on such a presumption of guilt? When we use procedures to prevent cheating that impact non-cheaters, we contaminate their attitudes toward learning. Schools requiring students to submit their work to Turnitin.com before it will be accepted by a…

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