New year = new me!

As I am a student, studying part time and working full time I generally have 3 starts to the year; September to May for Uni, April to March end for work and holiday entitlement change over and the usual January. As I don’t really buy into the whole New years resolutions, as they never work and you at roped into them without the intention to stick to it, I have always begun a “resolution” in February after all the hype had died down. I tend to use September as my new year start.

As I haven’t been back to the gym in almost a year (yes a year – it came about fast!) for various different reasons, I thought it was about time I started to go again. What better time than with the new term?

I actually went to the gym in Friday night in Preston after work, although it was only to get a shower before heading in a night out. Does it count? Hell I think it counts, I set foot in the building an breathed in other peoples sweat. I’m not paying £35 a month for nothing, I may as well save on my household bills and use the gyms facilities.

As a bit of motivation I would start keeping a daily or weekly (I will see how much time I have on my hands) food and exercise diary. By announcing it to the world and having the pressure to perform and keep it up, along with everything else I do, I thought it would be a challenge and more motivation. Plus any of you readers can chastise me if I slip up or don’t go, or cheer me on when I am doing well.

As money is really tight this month with having 2 weeks off work sick following a car accident and being under Doctors orders to not drive until my ribs were better and I was able to breathe without being in excruciating pain. Spending£400 on the car for insurance renewal after the bf cancelled his policy meaning I was unable to drove his car under my own policy then neglecting to tell me, a failed MOT and repairs. I thought there was no time like the present to start a detox and health fix. Having no money really does do wonders.

Before I started at MMU last September I was going to the gym everyday, for a good few hours. This would include cardio followed by a miles swim, sauna and hydrotherapy pool.

As a Monday and Wednesday is completely out of the question for me to go to the gym as I am in uni, I need to change my routine.

This is how my week currently looks:

Monday evening – uni.
Tuesday evening I will need to do an extra hour at work plus uni work for Wednesdays classes.
Wednesday – uni.
Thursday I will need to do an extra hour in work and this has always been my “couple/date” night. Potential gym night?
Friday night – social event / nothing. Potential gym session?
Saturday – housework and uni work.
Sunday – couple day.

So where exactly am I meant to fit in the gym and a social life? The answer is I can’t. I will swerve the social life and limit myself to maybe one social event a month, I always play catch up between May and September anyway.

The gym? Right well I’ll just have to have less sleep.

What I have proposed is, as I commute to Preston everyday for work, I will leave the Wirral at 5:30 am to arrive at the gym in Preston for 6:30 am. I will spend an hour at the gym, probably a swim before work or depending how energetic I am feeling some cardio on alternative days.

Saturday morning I will also go to the gym and Sunday too if I get the chance. My bf works the weekend on different shift patterns each week, so whichever day he is of is always our day together.

Monday – swim
Tuesday – cardio & swim?
Wednesday – swim
Thursday – swim (am) salsa (pm)
Friday – swim (am) gym or social (pm)
Saturday – gym & swim & class (am), housework & uni work (pm)
Sunday – swim and date time.

I will also be doing a little bit of uni work everyday as one day a week to get it all done is not enough, as well as working during my lunch hour.

It’s currently day 3, I will post an update as to how it’s going so far…

Wow, it really is hard to balance everything. Maybe I should quit something… The gym maybe? 😉




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