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This was a very interesting read, and something I am not adverse to.

My Dad has been warning me for years to “watch what I say on Facebook” – Did I listen? No. I was childish, immature and a normal bratty teenager who thought they knew better, and didn’t see what the consequences would be, especially at such a young age and early start in my career.

I don’t know if my Facebook has hindered my career, but I am determined to not let it begin to, and will rectify it so this doesn’t happen in the future, especially as at age 23 I am now taking my legal career seriously after making the decision to complete the LLB part time.

I have all my privacy settings to private and have a Facebook “cull” at least every couple of months to delete people off it. I even have another Facebook which I use for professional purposes which is made public. It is similar to my linkedin profile and I am very selective about my friends. I think I only have about 4 or 5 currently, with most being recruiters.

But surely, we shouldn’t have to go to all this trouble? I don’t bad mouth current nor previous colleagues on Facebook, and anything I would have to say in a rant about another person is nothing I wouldn’t say to them, and things I haven’t previously said to that person. I don’t particularly go out and drink so there would be no photos (recent) of me making a show of myself in public, albeit I am sure photos of this type could be found. In fact, I think there are pictures on my current Facebook from years ago.

If someone wanted to dig up dirt, they would be able to do it anyway without resorting to trawling through our social media sites. I remember I had a private investigator call me at work once, he was able to tell me what I was wearing that day. Now that, was messed up, luckily it wasn’t me that was being investigated but a company I had interviewed at, from a reccommendation from a colleague at a previous place of work. The PI was good, he followed up all sources and I had only visited the company once.

Surely, by us using social media sites is us being more open and honest. We are already putting information about our interests, hobbies and personality out in the public domain. This information would be available at interview stage, and I don’t think people should be penalised for going out during the time they are not in work ad enjoying themselves.

Surely this is all infringing on our rights to privacy and freedom of expression?

jobandtalent UK

So you have the highest marks in your class. You volunteer 5 hours a week whilst working part-time to help pay for your degree. You are an active member of several student organisations and are even chairman of your university’s number one society. You feel confident that you’ll have no problem landing your first full-time job. What could go wrong?

jobandtalent facebook privacy
You’ve now been job hunting for a couple months (not unusual in today’s economic climate) and have nailed four or five interviews. Jackpot? Not quite, one after another you receive a cordial and clear “no.” Were the other applicants really more qualified? Did I come off too confident? While you are pondering these questions, you check Facebook and see a friend has posted on your wall “Mate, sick bar crawl last night. I cannot believe how wasted we were. Out again on Monday?” Your heart sinks. You left your profile…

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