Are you the Real Radio Renegade?

6 magic words that have been poised on my lips for the last few weeks that could have won me thousands. if i’d found him – Man is this guy elusive!

Real Radio (North West) is pretty much the only station I listen to whilst in the car, which is a lot of time by the way – I travel nearly 500 miles a week and that’s just for uni and work and not counting any personal driving I may or my not do. So that is a lot of hours being tuned into 105.4fm

For the last few weeks they have held a competition called, The Real Radio Renegade, it’s been ongoing for some years but I’m a newbie as I only started listening to Real about a year ago. Now the competition, in a nutshell, compromises one man driving round the North West and placing himself in a town or city centre for 2 hours, known as a bounty period, three times a day. The first bounty period being 8am – 10am, the second 12pm – 2pm and the last 4pm – 6pm. He will usually do a weekend bounty on a Saturday and/or Sunday between 12 and 2pm. At the beginning of each bounty period he posts a picture clue to the Arnold Clark Website of the area he is in, believe me these are very hard to decipher and are generic. Today it was a picture of a brick wall – how am I meant to find where that is?! He will then call up the radio show and give a further clue such as “Deja vu – I think I’ll go for a run”, which again was today’s clue and he will state how much the bounty is on his head. Today it was £2,000. Then potential Real Radio Renegade Hunters have to work out where he is, then run around like lunatics asking everyone in sight, those six magic words, “Are you the real radio renegade?”. Now it has to be correct, and not, “are you the real radio renegade master?”. Or “Are you him, off the radio?” Seriously guys, it’s 6 words!

Anyway that’s the competition, there are various terms and conditions regulating the competition also.

Anyway, today he was in Liverpool (again). During the Liverpool Marathon and Wirral 10k – hence the “run” in the clue. He has already been to both the Wirral and Liverpool during this competition – hence the “deja vu”. Now, I live in Hamilton Sq, it is one stop to Liverpool for me which takes 6 mins. For the last two days, myself and my partner and other RRR hunters had discussed whether or not he would be in Liverpool or not as we knew it would be maximum publicity due to the amount of people. (remember that’s what it is essentially all about – publicity for Real Radio) we had come to the conclusion he wasn’t going to go because of the amount of road closures, the fact he never goes to the same place twice – as confirmed by Glen Hunt during the 4pm bounty period during the week.

So at 11:30am, my partner and I got in the car and headed towards Manchester, we were on the M56 when the clue arrived. We looked at each other and thought, noooo it can’t be. So carried on driving. It was around Warrington and the exit for Lymm services that we decided to pull over as callers were all saying Liverpool. We decided to head back, we had checked the pictures and it was confirmed he was in Liverpool. What idiots were we? We thought we had outwitted the RRR and were in a great location for motorway links to catch him anywhere. Apart from Liverpool. It was 1pm by the time we had parked up in Liverpool. We had an hour to catch him.

At one point people thought I was apart of the marathon as I ran alongside it and then across the other runners. I got a high five and cheers – seriously I am not trained nor look as though I have been training for a marathon.

Anyway, running all around the Albert Dock and Liverpool One area, headphones in listening to the radio, two calls to the show for more info and an update as to what I was doing, asking everyone I saw “are you the real radio renegade?” Returned with confused looks, or “yeah I am do you want your prize” to which I would shake my head, laugh and continue running. An hour later, he still hadn’t been found! I believe if we had been there an hour earlier we would have caught him…

We also have some conspiracy theories, I mean is it really possible for one man to be at one end of town then the next within minutes. Hmmm….

Well I will share the theories with you, but only after the competition ends next Friday as I don’t want to be messing it up for other hunters or be blacklisted, so to speak. Hell I’ve entered the competition to have dinner with him tomorrow night. I really hope I get picked as I have a few questions, plus my answer as to why I should be picked HAS to have been the best one! I’ve also applied for tickets for the reveal party next Friday night as the RRR is retiring! – does that give us a clue as to his age??

Who knows? But remember, he is out there, he can be caught and you will win! Go get him.

I won’t be out this week as I am in work, but after today’s session, I don’t think ill be able to walk for a week let alone run – I think I ran a marathon! :p




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