“He digs in the dirt for memories”

Following from my last post, I think I said that I wouldn’t be hunting any more due to being in work and not having the time through the day. Well my partner was off work for a week and we came to an agreement where he would drive me to work in Preston for 8am, take the car for the day to go hunting and then come to collect me at 4pm.

I think I hunted during every 4pm bounty period this week. Turning up at Middleton on Monday at 5pm or me to have a hunt round Tescos and be back in the car at 5:14pm driving home as the RRR had been found.

Tuesday we were in Burnley for 4:45 and hunted until the last minute at 6 as the RRR was not found. There was a brief moment when we thought the game was over, I for one asked a gentleman in Tesco who didn’t answer me. I decided to go upstairs to the clothing section and see if the RRR was hiding up there. I turned round on the escalator and looked towards the man I had jut asked, he had dumped his trolley in the middle of the aisle and was leaving the shop. How strange?!

I though I may have hit the jackpot  I had a quick spot upstairs still, then left Tescos, feeling a little happy with myself and waiting for a spotter to approach me. I made it to the town centre and no-one had approached me yet. I quickly found Jay who informed me that some woman had won and was on the phone to the station. We hovered around as the gentleman she was with was apparently the RRR and we wanted a sneaky picture for the future hunts this week. as we heard the story we thought something was amiss as the man whom she had asked had replied “yes” to the question….but we knew he wouldn’t say anything!  Hmm it was very odd. As it turned out the gentleman then admitted he wasn’t the RRR and apologised.

He then went into Costa – I quickly followed. I was heading in there anyway to look for a calling card amongst the “British chicken” sandwiches. I overheard the staff saying to this gentleman “you’ve just been in here taking pics of us and you didn’t ask us, they’re now on the internet” he replied saying “it was all good fun and what a strange day he was having”.

strange? why would he be taking pictures of the girls in costa?

I knew a similar picture had just been posted on the website of him being inside Costa. I quickly asked “are you the real radio renegade?” an he replied “no, what is this?” to which I explained and I was on my way. I did see him popping in and out of stores along the way which was strange in itself. I did, however, find a calling card. It was inside a royal family book inside the works the message in the back read “he digs in the dirt for memories”. Damn it – I had just missed him.

Oh contrare, at least I know had 2 tickets to the reveal party on the Friday night as confirmed by Glen when I called the show. I then decided to make tracks back to Tesco and check the Costa within there. I mooched around the bus station for a bit asking people and had a nice chat with a gentleman who asked me to split the money with him if I found him, I was most pleasant and said of course I would, if I saw him again. As I arrived at Tesco real radio called me for an update, I was on hold for a while as they did the news etc which quite frankly annoyed me as I had to stay outside Tesco due to no signal meaning I missed out on 10-15 minutes of hunting. I noticed a picture of the bus station revolving doors was posted too, I was hopeful he would come to Tesco  I positioned myself at the entrance and asked anyone entering or leaving. No joy. I knew as soon as I said live on air he wouldn’t come to Tesco – I should have lied!

Soon after a picture of a subway was posted, as I am not from Burnley (contrary to what Real Radio think ;)) I was told it came out by the train station which was up a hill or by the gala bingo hall, which was down the hill. I couldn’t decide which way to go so stayed put. Next a picture of a church was posted, I thought I could see it at the top of the hill beyond the train station so headed that way. I only had 10 minutes left until the bounty would end so had to be quick. Running uphill in the rain and a work skirt is not easy! I made it but another clue had been posted saying “I see stadia” I knew he was the other end of town and there was no way I would make it! As I was making my way back to Tesco the bounty period ended!

It was no good. I was never going to find him.

Over the next few days, jay found a further two calling cards thanks to my help! We went to the wrong location twice! The first being because the renegade messed up his clue about Chester so we were in Broughton, Salford despite thinking Chester from the off and forum posts suggesting the same.

The next day we went to Skelmersdale instead of Sale, we had no signal so didn’t know if the location was confirmed or not, I even rang up and said I was at an undisclosed location when asking for help – I’m an excellent negotiator only revealing I was in Skem at the end of the call. We went back to the car just after 5 only to learn the renegade had been found in Sale. This was my last hunt. I was devastated and sulked on the way home. At least I would meet this mystery man the next day!

The cheeky swine had also been back to the Wirral that afternoon to Wallasey about 5 mins from where I live! I’m pretty sure he was teasing me deliberately!




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