The Real Radio Renegade Revealed…

It was Friday 19th October 2012, a day that would be marked in history. It was the day where the Real Radio Renegade would finally unveil himself. After 4 years of being on the run, he was finally taking off the balaclava, wigs and other disguises and showing us who he was.

My God was I excited.

We arrived at the Radisson Edwardian Blu Hotel in Manchester just after 7:30pm, you could feel the buzz of excitement all ready. We queued for a moment to get in and were handed a further calling card, this one with a number on it, we were to keep hold of this for the prizes. I had number 190, and Jay 191. We were informed he would be revealing himself at 8:30pm. Just an hour to wait then, that wasn’t too bad.

The show started at around 8pm, with his voice booming out over the stereo system, and he introduced his “good friend” Taylor James” who was going to perform for us. Errr  – who is he again? A runner up from The Voice UK? Even listening to his songs I had no idea who he was, nor did I particularly want to know. Not my cup of tea, and even more not so as he came from one of those stupid reality tv programs like X Factor and the malarkey. Anyway, that’s a completely different rant.

We had a short break, were the presenters on stage and Sam & Lorna informed us the RRR was amongst us in the crowd. Now that sparked some interest, and off we went on a little spy and mingle through the crowd. There was one person who we thought it may be – I think we may have been wrong. Off we popped for a quick cigarette  where Sam was and we had only just started and she received a call from Lorna telling her that he was about to come on stage, so we ran back up to the room and maintained our positions.

Debbie Mac & Parksy, then took the stage and they began to the “raffle” for prizes, 1st prize being £500, 2nd prize being a sat nav and 3rd prize  (the one we all wanted!) being the renegades hat, signed by him.

The Real Radio Renegade Hat.

Sadly, I didn’t win. I never do, I never get to say those other magic words; “I’m a real winner”. One day….

That moment was coming, within the next few minutes the RRR would be on-stage and unmasked. I had chills.

Well, after all the suspense, I can say I was shocked at who the person standing before us upon the stage was. His name is Nick Camm, he is an actor (well that much we were suspicious of anyway) you may recognise him from roles in coronation street, hollyoaks, emmerdale. But most importantly, he played the taxi driver in that oh so famous fishermans friend advert.

He is a northener from Lancaster, single and was chosen because “he looked the most normal”. You can read more about him here or follow him on twitter @nickcamm1

After the grand unveiling, well I was a little disappointed, I half expected him to enter the safe wearing his balaclava and hat to then start taking it off full monty style.

After some chats with the presenters, the renegade himself and member of the team involved in the RRR it was time to head home.

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But that was it, it was all over. No more mystery or conspiracy as to who the renegade is, or any more research to carry out.

What are we to do now?




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