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A bit about what I will be blogging about and where to find what you would like to look at…


I have blogged about legal issues,  generally from subjects studied at uni and I have used some of my essays previously posted. The type of blogs have been posted every couple of weeks but I am hoping to write some more and with the new term coming up im hoping they will be a bit more interesting. These blogs can be read here. These are mainly for me to articulate my thoughts and opinions on the legal issues I have an interest in and care about. I haven’t posted so many of this type, as yet, as there is so much to consider and I will become too opinionated, and no-one will come back and visit my page.


I also write some personal blogs to do with just general rants about uni, work and trying to balance everything. To read these blogs, you can click here.


I have written a few blogs with regard to various charities and charitable events, these are charities which I am interested in and care about. Thesre probably won’t be as much of these, but I will try and help to raise awareness of any I take an interest in or feel touched by, as awareness can make a huge difference and I am not always able to do anything else. Take a look. 

That’s all for now, have a look round, comment, let me know what you think and most importantly – I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say.




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